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WINTER WORKSHOP – January 4, 2014

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

On January 4, 2014 I hosted my 5th natural lighting workshop. My attendees consisted of intermediate level photographers and parents who simply wanted to learn how to take better pictures of their children. We learned the principal functions of the dslr’s manual mode settings, then we went on-location for some live model shooting. Lucky for us, we had a custom motorcycle arrive during our live-shoot so we got some cool still life images.

I love teaching this natural light workshop because my attendees leave with a really good understanding of quality of light. The key to a great photograph is the subjects expression and the quality of light. Once I teach you how to light a photo, you got half the battle won!

The pictures below were taken from the workshop in natural light only. California Sunbounce reflectors were used to kick back natural light into the frame.

RAVES – WINTER WORKSHOP – January 4, 2014

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

“Frankie, I enjoyed the workshop, you and your team including your lovely wife offered a great workshop. It was great to meet the models and the whole experience of a professional photo-shoot. Even though I took the class at Fresno State, I came home with a better understanding and use of my camera, I also learned new tricks as well.” – Laura P.

“The Frankie Leal Photography workshop was very informative. After the class I was able to utilize my cameras full potential by shooting in manual mode. Frankie Leal was committed to teaching me how to take the money shot.” – Tracy A.