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Augies Headshots

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Augie and I go way back, back to our high school days when p-diddy was called puff daddy. Now Augie lives in L.A. and has appeared in many music videos as a hip-hop dancer. He was in need of some fresh hip headshots for his talent agency so he hit me up. The shoot lasted about three hours but we reminisced most of the time. To see more of Augie check out his personal web site at:

Augie lopez

Augie Lopez

Augie Lopez

New Site

Thursday, May 8th, 2008

My web site was due for an extreme makeover. I just put the finishing pieces together and i will try hard to make updates on on a bi-weekly basis. I also added new portfolios: music, editorial, & swimsuit. Please take some time to check it out and drop me a message on my contact page.

Peace out,
Frankie Leal